Cure Intermittent Cath Male 14Fr 16In Straight Tip

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Contains a box of 30 Cure male catheters, size 14FR, 16 inches.

Manage urinary drainage comfortably with Cure male catheters, sized 14FR and 16 inches in length. These sterile, single-use catheters are designed for men requiring intermittent catheterization. Featuring smooth, fire-polished eyelets and soft, latex-free material, they minimize urethral irritation for a more comfortable experience. The straight tip design ensures efficient drainage, making them ideal for men with urinary incontinence or retention. Pre-lubricated for easy insertion, these catheters are DEHP-, BPA-, and latex-free, reducing the risk of irritation. Discreet and portable, they offer convenience for on-the-go use.


  • Contains a box of 30 catheters
  • Size: 14FR, 16 inches long
  • Sterile and single-use
  • Pre-lubricated for easy insertion
  • Smooth, fire-polished eyelets
  • Straight tip for efficient drainage
  • DEHP-, BPA-, and latex-free
  • Minimizes urethral irritation
  • Discreet and portable for convenience

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