As someone with a disability or illness we have a lot to deal with on a daily basis.

When it comes to our medical supplies it's critical we get it delivered on time every time.

Our subscription service solves that problem for you.

Now you no longer have the stress or worry about your supplies, they show up every month when you need them to. It puts you in control.

There is something else. We will work with you to have not one but three backup products available incase your normal products go on back order or discontinued.

We manage your entire medical supply for you so you can focus on your independence.

After switching from a large corporate store to, My Everything Store I can tell you that James’ personal attention to you and your needs, is next to none. If I have an issue with anything he is on it that second, I couldn’t be more happy to have switched to My Everything Store! The wide selection of product is incredible, if they don’t have it they find it and do the research on the product, it’s astounding how personal they make each and every interaction you have with them. James has met and surpassed my needs and has made ordering product so simple!