Salem Sump Pvc Nasogastric Tube,Radiopaque Line,Anti Reflux Valve 14Fr, 48In

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1 Anti Reflux Valve

Product Description

The Salem Sump PVC Nasogastric Tube with a Radiopaque Line and Anti-Reflux Valve, 14Fr 48In, is a high-quality medical device designed for gastrointestinal decompression and drainage. This dual-lumen nasogastric tube features a 14Fr diameter and a length of 48 inches, suitable for adult patients. The main lumen is used for suction and decompression, while the smaller vent lumen allows atmospheric air to enter the stomach, preventing vacuum formation and mucosal damage. The radiopaque line ensures visibility under X-ray, facilitating accurate placement. Equipped with an anti-reflux valve, this tube minimizes the risk of gastric contents flowing back, enhancing patient safety and comfort. Made from durable PVC, it is designed for short-term use. The Salem Sump Nasogastric Tube is an essential tool in hospitals and healthcare facilities, offering a reliable solution for managing gastrointestinal conditions.

Features List

  • 14Fr Diameter and 48In Length: Optimized for effective gastrointestinal suction and drainage in adult patients.
  • Dual-Lumen Design: Facilitates simultaneous suction and atmospheric air entry, preventing vacuum formation and protecting mucosal tissue.
  • Radiopaque Line: Ensures easy visibility under X-ray for accurate placement verification.
  • Anti-Reflux Valve: Prevents the backflow of gastric contents, reducing the risk of aspiration and enhancing patient safety.
  • Durable PVC Material: Provides strength and flexibility for short-term use, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Easy to Use: Features such as external markings aid in placement and management, simplifying the procedure for healthcare professionals.
  • Patient Safety and Comfort: Designed to minimize discomfort and maximize protection against gastric content reflux.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in various healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics, for managing gastrointestinal conditions

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