Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube 14Fr 3.0Cm

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Product Description

The Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube 14Fr 3.0cm is expertly designed to provide a discreet, secure, and comfortable solution for long-term enteral feeding. Catering to the needs of patients requiring nutritional support, this feeding tube features a low-profile design that lies flush against the skin, minimizing visibility and enhancing wearability. The 14Fr diameter ensures efficient delivery of nutritional formulas, while the 3.0cm length is tailored to fit securely, reducing the risk of dislodgement. Made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone, the tube offers flexibility and softness, minimizing discomfort and irritation. Its secure locking mechanism ensures a reliable connection to feeding systems, facilitating seamless nutrition delivery. Ideal for both pediatric and adult patients, the Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube supports independence and improves the quality of life for individuals requiring enteral nutrition.

Features List

  • Low-Profile Design: Offers minimal visibility, making it less intrusive and more comfortable for daily wear.
  • 14Fr Diameter: Optimizes the delivery of enteral feeds, ensuring patients receive the nutrition they need efficiently.
  • 3.0cm Length: Tailored for a secure fit, minimizing the risk of tube dislodgement and enhancing patient comfort.
  • Medical-Grade Silicone: Provides flexibility and softness, reducing the risk of skin irritation and ensuring patient comfort.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Ensures a tight connection with feeding systems, preventing leaks and facilitating reliable nutrition delivery.
  • Easy to Maintain: Designed for straightforward cleaning and care, supporting optimal hygiene and tube longevity.
  • Supports Patient Independence: The user-friendly design empowers patients and caregivers for better self-management of enteral feeding.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of patients, from pediatric to adult, adapting to various enteral feeding needs.

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