Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube 12Fr 1.5Cm

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Product Description

The Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube 12Fr 1.5cm is specifically designed for those requiring discreet and comfortable long-term enteral nutrition. This gastrostomy tube combines a low-profile design that lies flush against the skin, ensuring minimal visibility and maximum comfort for the wearer. With a diameter of 12Fr, it facilitates efficient and smooth delivery of nutritional formulas. The 1.5cm length caters to individuals needing a shorter tube length, providing a snug fit that helps reduce the risk of accidental displacement. Constructed from high-quality, medical-grade materials, this feeding tube minimizes the potential for irritation and infection. The secure locking mechanism ensures a leak-proof connection to feeding systems, making it a reliable choice for patients and caregivers seeking ease of use and peace of mind in enteral feeding practices.

Features List

  • Low-Profile Design: Offers minimal visibility, ideal for patients seeking a discreet feeding tube option.
  • 12Fr Diameter: Enables efficient delivery of nutritional formulas, ensuring patients meet their dietary needs.
  • 1.5cm Length: Provides a perfect fit for individuals requiring a shorter tube, minimizing the risk of tube displacement.
  • Medical-Grade Material: Reduces the chance of skin irritation and infections, enhancing patient comfort and safety.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Guarantees a tight, leak-proof connection with enteral feeding systems for reliable nutrition delivery.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simple to clean and care for, promoting longevity and optimal hygiene of the feeding tube.
  • Empowers Independence: Designed for easy management by patients or caregivers, supporting autonomy in enteral feeding routines.
  • Compatible with Various Systems: Works seamlessly with a wide range of enteral feeding equipment and formulas, offering flexibility in care.

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