Kangaroo Connect Enteral Feeding Pump

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EA/1 KANGAROO CONNECT ENTERAL FEEDING PUMP Kangaroo™ Connect Enteral Feeding Pump Features User interface: Large, color LCD display Step-by-step prompts and animated illuatrations to guide pump operation “Stoplight” LED array visually indicates pump status in a bright or darkened room Ergonomics: Quiet pump operation Compact, lightweight design Tabeltop, bed rail or IV pole mounting Simple, one-handed loading of pump cassette Pump is designed for cleaning under running water Rubberized casing for better grip Pole clamp can detach from pump without removing from IV pole Features: Magnetic feeding set identification system to ensure a match between the pump’s user interface and feeding set type State of the art STOP (Safety Threshold Overflow Protection) valve automatically prevent free flow conditions, even when feeding set is unloaded from the pump Audible alarm to indicate errors or feeding set loading conditions Pump orientation-independent design eliminates need for drip chamber on feeding set Sensor technology detects both upstream and downstream flow conditions Continous feed and dose feed capability Auto-prime feature reduces the need for time-consuming namual priming Extended hold option View previous 72 hours of feeding history 17 languages ~24 hour battery l;ife at 125 mL/hr (using Power Save and Airplane Mode) Unique wireless technology allows for: Remote troubleshooting for user support Future software upgrades and new features Long term historical trending to better meet patient needs Kangaroo™ Connect Portal Features The KangarooTM Connect Portal is a website that displays information from the KangarooTM Connect Enteral Feeding Pump. Information is available for display in the KangarooTM Connect Portal when communication functionality of the KangarooTM Connect Enteral Feeding Pump is enabled, and is communicating properly. Once patient data has been transmitted, the KangarooTM Connect Portal enables selected user groups (e.g., clinicians such as home care nurses and dietitians, customer service representatives) to complete tasks related to the operation and feeding history of one or more KangarooTM Connect Enteral Feeding Pumps, including: Obtain enteral feeding history data Generate Attainment Report of feeding delivery Facilitate remote pump troubleshooting Complete remote pump diagnostic certification for pumps in the field Execute remote software updates The data within the KangarooTM Connect Portal can be viewed only by users who have been registered for access to view a specific pump(s). The functions and features of the KangarooTM Connect Portal have no effect on pump operation.  Kangaroo™ Connect Enteral Feeding Pump Sets DEHP-free Anti-free flow design ENFitTM design  

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