Conveen Latex Self-Sealing Male External Catheter, Size 40Mm

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Box of 35 condom catheters.

The Conveen Latex Self-Sealing Male External Catheter, size 40mm, is an innovative urinary management solution designed for men who value comfort, reliability, and discretion. This catheter is crafted from superior quality latex, offering exceptional flexibility and a soft, natural feel, ensuring user comfort over extended periods. The 40mm size is tailored for individuals needing a more generous fit, providing an optimal and secure seal against leaks and slippage. The self-sealing mechanism simplifies the application process, guaranteeing a tight fit and enhancing the overall user experience. Ideal for those with active lifestyles or those seeking a dependable catheter for daily use, the Conveen Latex Self-Sealing Male External Catheter combines the latest in urinary management technology with user-centric design.


  • 40mm Size: Ensures a comfortable, secure fit for users requiring a larger diameter.
  • High-Quality Latex: Delivers flexibility and a natural feel, enhancing comfort for all-day wear.
  • Self-Sealing Technology: Provides a secure seal, reducing the risk of leaks and increasing confidence in daily activities.
  • Durability: Designed for both short-term and extended use, maintaining integrity and performance over time.
  • Easy Application: Facilitates a straightforward, hassle-free application process, promoting user independence.

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