Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant.2.7Ml, 3M 5050

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3M™ Cavilon™ Advanced Skin Protectant is a waterproof barrier film intended to protect intact or damaged skin. It is effective in conditions where skin is frequently or continuously exposed to moisture and caustic irritants such as feces, digestive fluids, wound drainage and urine. 3M™ Cavilon™ Advanced Skin Protectant can also be used in areas exposed to friction and shear from bedding, clothing, shoes or any other material that would rub against the skin.

  • Helps reduce pain associated with IAD and IAD care
  • Helps prevent, stop and reverse the effects of IAD
  • Forms a highly durable, long lasting barrier
  • Transparent coating allows for skin assessment without removal
  • Comfortable during application, wear, and cleansing

Suggested Applications
Peristomal/Peritube skin protection
Moisture/friction lesions

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