Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressing 8Cm X 8Cm

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Box of 10 dressings.

The Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressing 8cm x 8cm offers a compact, highly effective wound care solution, combining the antimicrobial power of ionic silver with the softness and absorbency of foam. Designed for the management of both chronic and acute wounds, this dressing provides a critical barrier against infection while managing exudate efficiently. Its adhesive layer ensures the dressing stays securely in place, offering patients peace of mind and comfort during the healing process. The Hydrofiber technology incorporated into the foam converts exudate into a gel, maintaining a moist environment conducive to optimal wound healing. Easy to apply and remove, the Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressing is ideal for small to medium-sized wounds, making it a versatile addition to any wound care regimen.

Feature List

  • Antimicrobial Protection: Ionic silver combats bacteria, reducing infection risk.
  • High Absorbency: Hydrofiber technology manages exudate, keeping the wound clean.
  • Adhesive Backing: Ensures the dressing remains securely in place.
  • Moist Healing Environment: Promotes faster and more effective wound healing.
  • Easy Application & Removal: Minimizes discomfort, enhancing patient compliance.
  • Compact Size: Perfect for small to medium-sized wounds, 8cm x 8cm.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for managing both chronic and acute wounds.

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