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Shipping Costs/Information

Dear Valued Clients

When 2020 began, the distributor had agreed to remove the shipping charges to do their part during the pandemic. As we want to pass on all savings to you, we never charged shipping either as our way to help our valued clients. We were always charged a "STF" which is a shipping and handling fee but never passed that cost onto our clients. Unfortunately, the distributors can not afford to provide us free shipping any longer, as such we have to pass that onto our customers.
We are not charging a penny more for shipping than we are charged, and we are still not charging our clients the additional fee for shipping and handling that we are charged. I do hope you understand and continue to shop with us. The new shipping fees are shown below.

  • Shipments below $149.99 a flat fee of $9.95 will be charged.
  • Shipments over $150 will be free shipping.
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